Pizza machine APD30

Pizza thickness and size adjustment: Our slices are equipped with two thickness control knobs. By adjusting the knob, different thicknesses of dough can be made. At the same time, the wide roller can roll out pizza dough with a diameter of 10-30 cm, meeting all your requirements for making different sizes of pizza.

High dough yield: This pizza roller has a powerful 370-watt motor that makes pizza dough production very efficient. It can hold 50-500 grams of dough at a time, enough to meet the production needs of a pizzeria. The back of the machine is spread with a large area of vents to effectively dissipate heat and extend service life.

High quality material: Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with anti-rust, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and other characteristics. Durable food grade resin roller for rolling dough. Transparent safety cover using PP plastic material, dust, avoid accidental injury.

Thoughtful details: The waterproof switch is well designed to ensure easy and safe operation. Non-slip bottom legs ensure the stability of the machine during use.


Pizza machine APD30

- 220V/50Hz

- power 370W

- dough capacity 50 - 500 grams

- pizzard diameter 10 - 30cm

- net weight 35 kgs

- dimension 495*490*640mm

- automatic design machine

- seamless PU drive design

- food grade gum roller

- Stainless steel material

- low noise design 

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