bread slicer HY seris
  1. Equipped with a 370W powerful motor, this slicer delivers efficient and fast bread slicing to keep you up during the busiest times of the day. In addition, this pure copper motor has low noise, low energy consumption and is more durable.

  2. The width of the foot can be adjusted according to the width of your bread, and the bread is fixed to ensure a smooth slice. The outlet can also be adjusted to grab the slices and avoid them falling out of the machine. What's more, the knob on the top is well designed to hold the bread in place by adjusting the height of the inner pressure plate.

  3. A set of sharp blades can cut bread easily and quickly. This commercial bread slicer can cut 36 slices at a time, with a thickness of 12/8/7mm. Each piece is evenly beautiful, leaving no fragments. 2 additional blades included for replacement.

  4. In addition to sliced bread, you can also use it to cut toast, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Our automatic bread slicer is widely used in supermarkets, bakeries, milk tea shops, bread food, processing plants, coffee shops, cake shops. Handles are mounted on both sides, making it easy to move.

  5. The toaster slicer is made of 304 stainless steel with rust and corrosion resistance to ensure long-term solid use. In addition, smooth surfaces can be easier to clean and reduce complex maintenance, contributing to a beautiful appearance.


bread maker

- 220V/50Hz

- power 370W

- slicer 31/44/50pcs available

- thickness 12/8/7mm

- net weight 64 kgs

- devided weight 36pcs

- devided weight 30 -180 gram

- dimension 67*67*72cm

- V-belt drive design

- Stainless steel material for food contact parts

- low noise design 

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