food mixer, planetary mixer WKFM10 high quality, low price

This multifunctional commercial food mixer is perfect for mixing dough, pastry, mashed vegetables, mayonnaise, and so on. Widely used in bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, commercial kitchen, and canteens.

High Quality & Large Capacity:  All parts that touched with foods adopt food-grade stainless steel. The  bowl is large enough to mix for 6kgs dough in one-go, meeting your various commercial needs.

Replaceable Attachments: Three replaceable attachments are available. Spiral Dough Hook: Used for smoother mixer operation. Ideal for pizza and other heavy dough. It is commonly used in first and second speed; Flat Beater: Used for mashing potatoes or vegetables, mixing cakes, batters, or icing. It is commonly used in first and second speed; Wire Whip: Used for aerating light mixes such as whipped cream, egg white, and mixing light icings. It is commonly used in second and third speed.

Three Speeds Adjustable: The stand mixer provides three different speeds of control (105 RPM/180RPM/425 RPM). The powerful 1100-watt motor with gear-driven transmission for durability and reliability meets different mixing requirements.

Protective Design(optional): A stainless steel wire bowl guard is designed to keep large items from falling into the bowl during operation; The height of the bowl can be easily adjusted by a turning wheel; The START and STOP buttons operate independently, ensuring security.

The machine is designed with heavy cast iron construction and powerful gear transmission . The main transmission gear is made of pure copper. Pull rod lifting and handwheel lifting are optional.

Fully enclosed case packaging will assure of safe transportation.


Food mixer

- capacity 10Lt

- Voltage: 220V/380V/50Hz

- power 400W

- flour max.: 1kgs

- 3 optional speed 90/160/300R/Min available

- SS whisk/beater/hook included

- heavy duty cast-iron construction

- Aluminum alloy head cover

- Stainless steel bowl

- good quality steel base

- overloading protective

- net weight 47kgs

- dimension 490x390x695mm

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