electric fryer EF10L

Enrich your cooking experience: With a 10Lt tank, this commercial electric fryer allows you to fry different types of food individually, maintaining a unique flavor. In addition, it includes a removable basket with a capacity of 4 quarts for easy food removal. Perfect for delis, concession stands, snack bars and parties.

Fast and crisp: Farewell to slow heat! Each tank of this commercial electric skillet has a 2,000-watt heating element that quickly heats the oil to your desired temperature. This means you can cook food quickly and thoroughly.

Adjustable temperature Settings: You can control individual thermostatic controls for each tank. Easily adjust the temperature from 50 ° C to 190 ° C and be ready to bring the heat! In addition, if the temperature of the oil reaches 230°C, a thermal shutdown mechanism is equipped to automatically cut off the power supply.

Easy and simple cleanup: All the components of this frying pan are easy to take out, including the fuel tank. After each use, the heating tube can be turned over for easy cleaning, and the stainless steel appearance is also easy to wipe.

Designed for your convenience: a coated, cold tentacle handle ensures comfortable use, while a well-matched lid minimizes hot oil spatter. A protective plate located above the heating tube traps excess food debris and reduces clutter. Front hook for easy hanging basket, quick oil discharge.


electric fryer

- power 220V/50Hz, or 110V/60Hz

- power 2000w

- temperature 50-190℃

- tank capacity 6Lt

- basket size 180*210*100mm

- tank size 215*295*150mm

- net weight 5.2kgs

- dimension 275*445*300mm

- SS201 stainless steel construction

- nickel plated metal basket

- thermostat and temperature limiter included

- CE ROHS approval

Professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances