bain marie BM2T

2 1/2 size pans included: Our commercial food heaters come with 2 12qt pans (each 325*265*100mm in size) with individual LIDS, allowing you to serve 2 different dishes at the same time. Let your guests enjoy warm and delicious food.

Fast heating, long lasting warmth: This impressive food heater is equipped with a powerful 1500 watt sus304 stainless steel heating tube that heats up food quickly, maintaining its hot yet delicious taste. You can adjust the temperature output to your liking, ranging from 30-110 degrees Celsius, thanks to the temperature controller.

Additional safety: Food heaters have been upgraded with newly designed "dry burn indicator" and "reset button". When the temperature exceeds 110°C, the dry burn indicator automatically stops heating the food. To resume operation, simply refill with water and press the reset button.

Durable: The countertop food heater is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean and maintain. The food pan and thickened walls (0.03 inches thick) add to its durability.

Customized details for you: The well is carefully designed with water level markers inside for easy water maintenance. This container has a faucet that drains water after use, reducing the hassle of cleaning the inside of the machine.


Bain Marie

- power 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

- power 1500w

- pan size:325*265*100mm *2

- temperature 30-110℃

- net weight 8kgs

- dimension 575*350*225mm

- SS201 stainless steel construction

- water mmersion heater

-- thermostat, on/off switch, and water valve included

- CE ROHS approval

Professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances