Sushi showcase SS4P

This product is a sushi showcase, which is mainly used in the food area of shopping malls and some sushi stores. The display case can be adapted for other types of food, such as fruits, salads, desserts, etc.

  1.  The box of the showcase is made of food-grade materials, and food such as sushi can be placed directly in it, and food safety can be guaranteed.

  2. Digital control temperature, the temperature in the showcase can be constant control, the quality of food will not be lost.

  3. Display case with pulley for easy installation and replacement. In use, the wheels come with brakes that can effectively prevent sliding.

  4. The metal parts of the showcase are made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and low loss.

  5. Display case glass transparency, good thermal insulation, beautiful at the same time does not affect the quality.


Sushi showcase

- Size 1160x420x315mm

- Capacity 42Lt

- 4Pan*1/3GN included

- Temperature 2-8

- Ventilated cooling system

- Stainless steel construction

- Tempered glass

- Digital temperature controller

- High quality compressor

- Refrigerant R134a

- Adjustable shelves

- LED light included

- Auto defrosting

- 2 of 4 Castor with brake

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