electric griddle EG740B

Excellent large skillets: Our commercial skillets are high quality stainless steel with a non-stick surface and cast iron finish. The cooking surface is 735*410mm, providing enough cooking space at a time; It is 8 mm thick, resistant to deformation and durable.

Precision heating control: The internal heating tube can be controlled by two thermostatic buttons to adjust the temperature to meet different foods. Wide range of temperature control. 4400W power can ensure the high efficiency of processed food.

Intimate design: oil leak hole for removing waste, oil storage box for collecting waste oil and food for easy dumping, rubber bottom Angle to make the electric grill more stable, raised oil baffle to keep oil splashing, heat dissipation hole to accelerate heat dissipation.

Easy to clean and use: Our iron grill surfaces are easy to clean, and waste oil and food can also be cleaned quickly via oil storage boxes.

Suitable for all kinds of food: Electric flat-top grill can be used in home or commercial places such as restaurants, shops, roadside stalls, snack bars; Perfect for processing pancakes, crispy bacon, grilled cheese, omelets, pizza, steaks, hamburgers, etc.


electric griddle

- plate type: half flat and half groove

- plate material: iron plate

- power 220V/50Hz

- power 4400w

- plate thickness 8mm

- cooking area 735*410mm

- net weight 38kgs

- dimension 740*505*250mm

- SS201 stainless steel construction

-- thermostat, temperature limiter and heat indicator included

- CE approval

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