Gas fryer GF34

Explore different foods: This commercial electric skillet has two 17Lt tanks to separately fry different types of food, preventing flavor transfer through cooking oil. It also features 2 spacious removable baskets that allow you to quickly drain and remove food from the skillet. It is suitable for delis, concession stands, snack bars and parties.

Hot food: This commercial electric skillet comes with 1500W heating elements per tank to heat the oil to your desired temperature in a short amount of time. In hot weather, you can cook food quickly.

Set the temperature and time: Thanks to individual thermostat controls on each tank, you can easily control the temperature between 50-190°C. In any case, you'll be ready to bring the heat! It also includes overheat protection, which can cut off the power supply if the oil reaches a temperature of 230°C. Also, commercial fryers come with a timer, so you won't miss anything. You can set a time of 0-60 minutes depending on the food you are cooking.

Easy to remove and clean: The heating tube can be easily turned over, which helps make it easier to clean after each use. Stainless steel housing makes it easy to wipe. In addition, each tank is equipped with a front drain valve for easy oil discharge.

Designed for you: Coating, cold tentacle handling ensures comfort and adds safety. A properly fitted lid will protect you from hot oil splatters. Two stainless steel brackets are placed above the heating tube to separate the frying basket so that it does not come into contact with the heater. In addition, the front hook is convenient for hanging baskets and quick oil drainage.


gas fryer

- gas type: LPG or NG

- two tank and two basket

- pressure 2800Pa 0r 2000Pa

- temperature 50-190℃

- tank capacity 17Lt*2

- basket size 210*280*135mm*2

- tank size 255*350*245mm*2

- net weight 32kgs

- dimension 680*590*580mm

- SS201 stainless steel construction

- nickel plated metal basket

- thermostat and temperature limiter included

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